In September students from 1°bachillerato went to the USA to complete the second half of the the American exchange La Senda has been participating in for the past few years. This year we were lucky and had two schools in America willing to do an exchange with us! Here are a few photos from the 10 day adventure we had in NYC!! After exploring the famous city we split-up and one group went north to Vermont and the other south to Virginia Beach.

Thank you to all the American host families and schools/teachers/students who continue to make this exchange possible, and of course to all the parents and teachers at La Senda who keep supporting this program year after year!





USA Exchange

This year we are lucky to participate in 2 exchanges with the USA. One school is from Virginia Beach and the other one comes from Vermont. La Senda students and staff hosted the visiting students and teachers and showed them around the Spanish capital and surrounding areas.





Virginia Beach Exchange 2018

This year the exchange with Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach, VA was a little bit different from the previous years thanks to Hurricane Florence! Through it all and the threat of a natural disaster the students still had an amazing time even though all the extracurricular activities and the school ended up being cancelled. It was an amazing experience and the students have made visited a new country, explored NYC, lived with American families, survived a hurricane and have made connections for life!

Thank you Tallwood friends!


American Exchange Students at La Senda!

La Senda once again had the pleasure of hosting some American exchange students for over a week! The students are from Virginia Beach, USA and had a fantastic time exploring Spain and its culture. Our students will fulfill their part of the exchange in September when they travel across the Atlantic to visit their American counterparts and experience a day in American high school as well as many other activities!! The students toured the center of Madrid visiting all the main sites and a handful of art museums, they also went to Toledo and ventured to the hometown of Miguel de Cervantes, Alcalá de Henares! A special thanks to all the students, parents and families who make this exchange possible, and a special shout out to Ms. Sánchez for making it all possible!



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