Language Assistants on the Global Pandemic

The third term of the school year has been strange to say the least. Here the Language Assistants talk a little about their experiences and what has been going on in their own countries. We’re all wishing that you have a fantastic summer! Laura will see you all in the autumn, but unfortunately Ellen and Rhianne won’t be with us again next year. In their videos they also say goodbye to everyone and we hope our paths will cross in the future!





The last day before school was cancelled the 4°ESO students competed in a in-school tournament to see who would be moving on to the Comunidad de Madrid Debate Tournament. Thank you to all the students for all their hard work, English teachers Mar and Irene, and Ellen the Language Assistant for their continued support! We are still hopeful that the real tournament will be taking place, even if it has to be virtual.


4°C – Bruno, Pablo, Luis, and Ana

4°D – Javier, Sara, Álvaro L., and Álvaro P.

4°E – Elena, Sofia, Delia, and Lucía








The 1°bachillerato students in the Advanced English class has helped contribute to Eco Senda, a program aimed at making the school greener and more environmentally conscious. They all made a PSA about different issues surrounding water in the 21st century and made posters to promote said videos. Please check out the links to the all the videos and some of the posters below!


Save a Tin, Save a Life

A Drop Can Make a Difference

Water as a Human Right

General Ways to Save Water

What is the True Cost of Eating Meat?

Water Scarcity/Meat Industry

Water in the Textile Industry

Water Pollution, a Huge Problem for Us

World Toilet Day

Textile Industry


Ways to Save Water

Water Shortage


POSTERS (click to enlarge)



Global Classrooms General Conference

On the 5th of December all the 3°ESO students went to the Conservatorio in Getafe to celebrate the 1st La Senda Global Classrooms General Conference. This is the first time an event like this has taken place at school and all the students and delegations did a fantastic job! A special thanks to the 4°ESO students to lent a hand and gave tips to the current students. And to all the students, teachers, and language assistants involved in this project thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!!!

Christmas 2019

The annual 1°ESO Christmas pageant was once again a success!!! All the students were amazing and sounded great! Special thanks to all the teachers who helped prepare the students for their performances! And for all the students who made a big effort and worked hard practicing the songs and learning their lines! Click on the link below to see this year’s poster!

Christmas Concert 2019


In September students from 1°bachillerato went to the USA to complete the second half of the the American exchange La Senda has been participating in for the past few years. This year we were lucky and had two schools in America willing to do an exchange with us! Here are a few photos from the 10 day adventure we had in NYC!! After exploring the famous city we split-up and one group went north to Vermont and the other south to Virginia Beach.

Thank you to all the American host families and schools/teachers/students who continue to make this exchange possible, and of course to all the parents and teachers at La Senda who keep supporting this program year after year!






Once again La Senda celebrated Halloween following tradition! There were cakes, jack-o-lanterns, and a haunted house! Thanks to all the students who participated this year! Check out all the cool costumes, cakes, and pumpkins and participants below!




Laura Guisado 1°B, Lara Martin 1°C, Ainara Arvesu Barajas 1°E, Luana Poliseli 2°A, Jesús Redondo 2°B


Sara Solena (1°A), Lorena Álvarez, Zaina Guisado (1°B),  Blanca Garcia, Maria Montero, Gabriella Garcia, Patricia Fernanz, Ariadne Ruiz, Cristina de Miguel, Daniel Cogolledo, Adrián Navarro (1°C) , Martina Rodriguez (1°D), Luana Poliseli (2°A), Samuel Decampo, Daniel, Jesús Redondo (2°B),  Sandra Anguas, Erika Pullas (2°D), Nacho Urbina, Jorge Congosto, Haydee (2°E)


Hello Everyone!!!

La Senda assistants are back! We have two returning language assistants (Ellen & Adrianna) and three new ones (Austin, Hannah, & Rhianne)! Check out their bios and photos to put a face with a name and to familiarize yourself with the native speakers at La Senda this year representing the USA, Canada and the UK!


Hola! My name is Adrianna and I am from the state of Wisconsin, in the USA. This is my second year as an auxiliar at IES La Senda. In my free time I like to travel, write, and go hiking. My favorite Spanish food is tortilla (con cebolla!)



I am originally from Wausau, WI. I graduated last year from American University with my MA in International Affairs. I have consulted with the US Dept. of State and spent the last three years as a research fellow studying public opinion and public policy with the University of Maryland.
As a trained anthropologist, the thing I enjoy most is immersing myself in new communities and spending time with new circles of people. My favorite past-times would be anything that is intellectually stimulating: trivia night, book clubs, all the nerdy things. I also enjoy snowboarding and finding new jogging routes around my current neighborhood.
Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 10.49.58 PM


What’s up!?

My name is Ellen and I have been living in Spain for the past 6 years and this will be my 5th and final year at La Senda. I am originally from Seattle and studied Spanish philology and History at university. I also have a master’s degree in International Education from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. In my free time I like to sleep, travel, learn new languages, cook, go to concerts, and I also love sports! My favorites are american football, basketball, and soccer (fútbol). I support all the teams from Seattle and of course Getafe FC (vamos Geta💙!!!).



Hello! My name is Hannah and I am from Alberta, Canada. In my free time I like to practice yoga, hangout with my dog (a Spanish Podenco I adopted from Andalucia), read, and volunteer in the community! I have worked at schools in Turkey and Australia, but this is my first time working at a secondary school. Hope to see you all around the campus at La Senda!



Hello! I’m Rhianne and I’m from Sheffield, England. I am also half Irish! I have lived in Mallorca for 12 months and Córdoba for 6 months. I am so excited to be back in Spain! I love to travel and my favourite food is Heinz baked beans. 😋


Last Week of School!

This year has been a lot of fun! For the last week of school the English department has organized cultural activities and games for the 1° and 2° ESO students who have passed! There was a scavenger hunt, dancing, trivia, and we even made pancakes in some of the classes! Thanks to all the teachers and Language Assistants who made these activities a possibility!
Have a great summer and we’ll see you in September!