Christmas 2019

The annual 1°ESO Christmas pageant was once again a success!!! All the students were amazing and sounded great! Special thanks to all the teachers who helped prepare the students for their performances! And for all the students who made a big effort and worked hard practicing the songs and learning their lines! Click on the link below to see this year’s poster!

Christmas Concert 2019


Once again La Senda celebrated Halloween following tradition! There were cakes, jack-o-lanterns, and a haunted house! Thanks to all the students who participated this year! Check out all the cool costumes, cakes, and pumpkins and participants below!




Laura Guisado 1°B, Lara Martin 1°C, Ainara Arvesu Barajas 1°E, Luana Poliseli 2°A, Jesús Redondo 2°B


Sara Solena (1°A), Lorena Álvarez, Zaina Guisado (1°B),  Blanca Garcia, Maria Montero, Gabriella Garcia, Patricia Fernanz, Ariadne Ruiz, Cristina de Miguel, Daniel Cogolledo, Adrián Navarro (1°C) , Martina Rodriguez (1°D), Luana Poliseli (2°A), Samuel Decampo, Daniel, Jesús Redondo (2°B),  Sandra Anguas, Erika Pullas (2°D), Nacho Urbina, Jorge Congosto, Haydee (2°E)

Halloween Awards

Congrats to all the participants and winners from the Halloween cake decorating and pumpking carving contests! All the participants recieved a free sandwich from the cafeteria and the winners recieved something extra as well! Thank you all for your hard work and participation!




Halloween 2018

Last week it was Halloween and La Senda celebrated the only way we know how, with pumpkins, cakes, and a haunted house! There was a cake decorating and a jack-o-lantern contest. The 1°ESO classes also dressed up in their scariest costumes and took part in the haunted house! 6th graders from CEIP Manuel Nuñez, CEIP Tierno Galván, and CEIP Rosalía de Castro came and were terrified in the haunted house and learned a lot in the PowerPoint presentation! Great work and thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the winners below!

Cake Winners

Best Presentation: (cake #3)Sandra Anguas, Carolina Blanco, Luna Moreno and Adriana Almendros (1°D)

Monstrous Couple: (cake #4) Celia Braujas and Andrea de Diego (2°D) and (cake #5) Sara Hernando (2°C) Laura Ribagorda (2°A) and Sandra Amador (2°A)

Most Disgusting: (cake #1) Jorge Congosto (1°D)

Tastiest: (cake #9) Jesús Redondo (1°B) and (cake #12) Erika Nayeli (1°D)

Most Original: (cake #8) Luana Poliseli (1°A)

Creepiest: (cake #11) Pablo González (1°A)

Jack-O-Lantern Winners

1st – Verónica Rodriguez (1°C)

2nd – Laura Mateo (1°A)

3rd – Jorge Congosto (1°D)