Global Classrooms Dress Rehearsal

The  3ºESO students participating in Global Classrooms this year invited students from IES Laguna de Joatzel and IES León Felipe to La Senda to participate in a dress rehearsal to practice for the big day and make some new friends!

Thank you to all the students, teachers, and schools involved for making this happen!

Good luck to all the students participating in the Global Classrooms Conference today hosted by the Comunidad de Madrid!


Global Classrooms General Conference

On the 5th of December all the 3°ESO students went to the Conservatorio in Getafe to celebrate the 1st La Senda Global Classrooms General Conference. This is the first time an event like this has taken place at school and all the students and delegations did a fantastic job! A special thanks to the 4°ESO students to lent a hand and gave tips to the current students. And to all the students, teachers, and language assistants involved in this project thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!!!


Last month the 3ºESO sudents took part in the annual Global Classrooms competition (model UN). All of teh students have been working hard all year preparing the topics and positions based on the countries they were assigned. Thank you to all the students for all their hard work as well as the teachers and Abby the language assistant that was helping the students with the tournament this year. La Senda is very proud of all the participants!!


Practice Makes Perfect!

Last week La Senda had some visitors from IES Isaac Albéniz (Leganes). The 3°ESO students have been working hard all year to prepare for Global Classrooms. The students met in the Salón de Actos to have a mock Global Classroom debate. The students were all fantastic! Best of luck today at the real conference! More photos and information on the Official Global Classrooms event coming soon!