Language Assistants on the Global Pandemic

The third term of the school year has been strange to say the least. Here the Language Assistants talk a little about their experiences and what has been going on in their own countries. We’re all wishing that you have a fantastic summer! Laura will see you all in the autumn, but unfortunately Ellen and Rhianne won’t be with us again next year. In their videos they also say goodbye to everyone and we hope our paths will cross in the future!





The last day before school was cancelled the 4°ESO students competed in a in-school tournament to see who would be moving on to the Comunidad de Madrid Debate Tournament. Thank you to all the students for all their hard work, English teachers Mar and Irene, and Ellen the Language Assistant for their continued support! We are still hopeful that the real tournament will be taking place, even if it has to be virtual.


4°C – Bruno, Pablo, Luis, and Ana

4°D – Javier, Sara, Álvaro L., and Álvaro P.

4°E – Elena, Sofia, Delia, and Lucía








The 1°bachillerato students in the Advanced English class has helped contribute to Eco Senda, a program aimed at making the school greener and more environmentally conscious. They all made a PSA about different issues surrounding water in the 21st century and made posters to promote said videos. Please check out the links to the all the videos and some of the posters below!


Save a Tin, Save a Life

A Drop Can Make a Difference

Water as a Human Right

General Ways to Save Water

What is the True Cost of Eating Meat?

Water Scarcity/Meat Industry

Water in the Textile Industry

Water Pollution, a Huge Problem for Us

World Toilet Day

Textile Industry


Ways to Save Water

Water Shortage


POSTERS (click to enlarge)



Christmas 2019

The annual 1°ESO Christmas pageant was once again a success!!! All the students were amazing and sounded great! Special thanks to all the teachers who helped prepare the students for their performances! And for all the students who made a big effort and worked hard practicing the songs and learning their lines! Click on the link below to see this year’s poster!

Christmas Concert 2019

Last Week of School!

This year has been a lot of fun! For the last week of school the English department has organized cultural activities and games for the 1° and 2° ESO students who have passed! There was a scavenger hunt, dancing, trivia, and we even made pancakes in some of the classes! Thanks to all the teachers and Language Assistants who made these activities a possibility!
Have a great summer and we’ll see you in September!

Madrid Debate Tournament 2019

This year La Senda presented two debate teams from the 4°ESO classes and they both made it to the round of 16!!! Everyone at school is very impressed and proud of the students performance and hard work they put into preparing for the tournament! Special thanks to English Teacher Mar and the Language Assistant Ellen for helping the students through the difficult and challenging Debate preparation and tournament! And also to the parents who came and supported their sons and daughters throughout the tournament!


Team 1: Roberto, Leonor, Mario, & Paula

Team 2: Alba, Jorge, Lucía, & Adrián

The Renaissance

The students in 3°D have worked really hard on their Renaissance presentations. They invited students from 1°ESO to come in and watch their presentations. The students from 1°ESO had to answer questions and interact with the older students. It was enjoyable for everyone and the students had a great time interacting with each other! In some cases there were also sweets for correct answers or typical food from the time period!

Ireland 2019

As per tradition the 3°ESO students have once again traveled to Dublin, Ireland for a week long trip. This year there were 93 students who traveled north to explore the Irish capital. Activities included Irish dancing, Glendalough, a trip to the Howth peninsula, a walking tour of the city center, Dublnia and Christchurch, and a trip to Dalky castle. Thanks to all the accompanying teachers who made made the trip with the students! It was another successful and memorable trip for everyone involved!


IE Debate Tournament

Students from 1°Bachillerato have participated in an intense, all-weekend debate and public speaking tournament hosted by IE University. The tournament took place at the IE University campus in both Madrid and Segovia. All of them have worked very hard and were very impressive! We are proud of all of you and your hard work and dedication!