Christmas 2019

The annual 1°ESO Christmas pageant was once again a success!!! All the students were amazing and sounded great! Special thanks to all the teachers who helped prepare the students for their performances! And for all the students who made a big effort and worked hard practicing the songs and learning their lines! Click on the link below to see this year’s poster!

Christmas Concert 2019


Once again La Senda celebrated Halloween following tradition! There were cakes, jack-o-lanterns, and a haunted house! Thanks to all the students who participated this year! Check out all the cool costumes, cakes, and pumpkins and participants below!




Laura Guisado 1°B, Lara Martin 1°C, Ainara Arvesu Barajas 1°E, Luana Poliseli 2°A, Jesús Redondo 2°B


Sara Solena (1°A), Lorena Álvarez, Zaina Guisado (1°B),  Blanca Garcia, Maria Montero, Gabriella Garcia, Patricia Fernanz, Ariadne Ruiz, Cristina de Miguel, Daniel Cogolledo, Adrián Navarro (1°C) , Martina Rodriguez (1°D), Luana Poliseli (2°A), Samuel Decampo, Daniel, Jesús Redondo (2°B),  Sandra Anguas, Erika Pullas (2°D), Nacho Urbina, Jorge Congosto, Haydee (2°E)

Madrid Debate Tournament 2019

This year La Senda presented two debate teams from the 4°ESO classes and they both made it to the round of 16!!! Everyone at school is very impressed and proud of the students performance and hard work they put into preparing for the tournament! Special thanks to English Teacher Mar and the Language Assistant Ellen for helping the students through the difficult and challenging Debate preparation and tournament! And also to the parents who came and supported their sons and daughters throughout the tournament!


Team 1: Roberto, Leonor, Mario, & Paula

Team 2: Alba, Jorge, Lucía, & Adrián

The Renaissance

The students in 3°D have worked really hard on their Renaissance presentations. They invited students from 1°ESO to come in and watch their presentations. The students from 1°ESO had to answer questions and interact with the older students. It was enjoyable for everyone and the students had a great time interacting with each other! In some cases there were also sweets for correct answers or typical food from the time period!

IE Debate Tournament

Students from 1°Bachillerato have participated in an intense, all-weekend debate and public speaking tournament hosted by IE University. The tournament took place at the IE University campus in both Madrid and Segovia. All of them have worked very hard and were very impressive! We are proud of all of you and your hard work and dedication!



Woman’s Day 2019

IES La Senda is proud to have celebrated Woman’s Day once again! The students participated by doing projects on women throughout history or who have been important/influential in their lives. The entire school, students and staff, also participated in the walk around the neighborhood in support of women everywhere!



Global Classrooms Experience


We asked language assitant Jamie to tell us a little bit about Global Classrooms Activities which took place this week and she was kind enough to send us photos and a little blurb about what the students did:

“This week, 12 third-year bilingual students from La Senda attended the Global Classrooms Conference in Madrid. On Tuesday, they went to the Madrid Regional Asamblea for the Opening Ceremony. On Wednesday, they participated in the conference, where they represented a specific country in pairs. After months of preparation, they used their debating skills to find ways to work with other countries and solve the global issue of “Orphans and Vulnerable Children.”  During the Closing Ceremony, the delegates from Guatemala  Jaime Fernandez and Alvaro Lozano won an award, the “Most Dedicated Delegation.” All of the delegates worked very hard, both during the months before the conference and during the conference.”

Congrats on all your hard work students, and a special congratulations to Jamie, Bea, Isabel and Sara for all their hard work! What a wonderful learning experience for all!

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