Hello Everyone!!!

La Senda assistants are back! We have two returning language assistants (Ellen & Adrianna) and three new ones (Austin, Hannah, & Rhianne)! Check out their bios and photos to put a face with a name and to familiarize yourself with the native speakers at La Senda this year representing the USA, Canada and the UK!


Hola! My name is Adrianna and I am from the state of Wisconsin, in the USA. This is my second year as an auxiliar at IES La Senda. In my free time I like to travel, write, and go hiking. My favorite Spanish food is tortilla (con cebolla!)



I am originally from Wausau, WI. I graduated last year from American University with my MA in International Affairs. I have consulted with the US Dept. of State and spent the last three years as a research fellow studying public opinion and public policy with the University of Maryland.
As a trained anthropologist, the thing I enjoy most is immersing myself in new communities and spending time with new circles of people. My favorite past-times would be anything that is intellectually stimulating: trivia night, book clubs, all the nerdy things. I also enjoy snowboarding and finding new jogging routes around my current neighborhood.
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What’s up!?

My name is Ellen and I have been living in Spain for the past 6 years and this will be my 5th and final year at La Senda. I am originally from Seattle and studied Spanish philology and History at university. I also have a master’s degree in International Education from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. In my free time I like to sleep, travel, learn new languages, cook, go to concerts, and I also love sports! My favorites are american football, basketball, and soccer (fútbol). I support all the teams from Seattle and of course Getafe FC (vamos Geta💙!!!).



Hello! My name is Hannah and I am from Alberta, Canada. In my free time I like to practice yoga, hangout with my dog (a Spanish Podenco I adopted from Andalucia), read, and volunteer in the community! I have worked at schools in Turkey and Australia, but this is my first time working at a secondary school. Hope to see you all around the campus at La Senda!



Hello! I’m Rhianne and I’m from Sheffield, England. I am also half Irish! I have lived in Mallorca for 12 months and Córdoba for 6 months. I am so excited to be back in Spain! I love to travel and my favourite food is Heinz baked beans. 😋