Regional Debate Tournament

This last weekend, May 25th – 27th, our exceptionally talented Public Speaking students competed in the Madrid Regional Debate Tournament.  We sent 4 students: Lucía García Molina (4ºD), Mario González Monge (4ºD), Lydia Mohedano Caballero (4ºD), and Alicia Rosales Lozano (4ºD). The team had been practicing for that very moment for hours on end, hoping that they would make their mark at the tournament. They competed against 13 other teams on Friday, May 26th and came up in 6th place, just two places shy of qualifying for the semi-finals on Saturday. Though they were disappointed, their coaches/teachers, Mar Vazquez and James Jagger, couldn’t have been more proud. Each team had to compete against four other groups throughout the day. It was a long and grueling process, which definitely wore on each of the participants. Our students gave it their all in each and every debate and ended up winning 2 out of 4! They barely missed qualifying by 0.75 points! The debate topic discussed whether “corporations should be penalized for excessive use of planned obsolescence”. The complexities of the topic were mastered by all students who participated, and ours showed just as much strength in their understanding. Plus, did we mention that they were debating entirely in ENGLISH!? It was a great weekend, especially for a group of students who had never debated before; they truly showed their willingness to compete with excellence. Having just been introduced to the concept of debates during their Public Speaking courses at IES La Senda, the students definitely showed a clear overall understanding, as well as a clear debate future should they desire to continue with their efforts.


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