Last week La Senda students celebrated Halloween. Students learned about its origin  and the customs practiced during this spooky festival. Children from 3 local primary schools visited IES La Senda and were treated to a very special surprise. They visited a haunted house! One room was full of zombies lurking behind tombstones, werewolves, monsters and a creepy little girl. There was a psycho ward where the screaming patients were let loose. Mad scientists showed visitors their recent autopsy and other experiments in the laboratory. 1st ESO students did a fantastic job dressing up and playing their parts. They also created a Halloween card for each of the primary school children to take home.

As well as this, there was the annual pumpkin making and cake creating competitions. Teachers had the very difficult task of tasting the cakes and judging them on their taste and appearance. Students got to eat some of the scary cake during their break.

More photos to follow soon!