1st ESO Exhibition

During the 2nd term in Visual Art,  all of the 1st ESO classes completed a Multicultural project. Each group researched art from a particular country and culture. They then completed worksheets and produced preparatory sketches before creating a finished piece of art. The students incorporated the elements of art that they´d been learning during the term, such as dots, line, colour and texture, into their work. Both 1st A and B groups created their own mehndi hands. 1st C made colourful masks based on the Mexican day of the dead sugar skulls. 1st D looked at ancient ceramics from the Chinese Ming Dynasty. 1st E made dotspaintings inspired by Australian aboriginal art. You can see their beautiful work in an exhibiton in the Baccalaureate Auditorium this week.

If you´d like to see the different processes involved in each project and a selection of work, please check out the art department´s blog.

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