Science Fair Activities 2015

On May 5th, 2015 IES La Senda had their 4th annual science fair. While the students from 2nd and 1st ESO made projects, the whole school participated in science related activities. There were maths activities, lecures, and science experiments.

Students also had an opportunity to construct polyhedrons and play other maths games, as well as visiting the lab to see 4th ESO students carry out experiments. A series of interesting lectures took place during the week that were presented by both IES LA Senda teachers and visiting speakers. You can see a list of the lectures below: Particles, Black Holes, String theory José Luis López Barbón (UAM, Profesor de FísicaTeórica) HISTORY OF COMPUTERS,Marcial Olmo (Airbus Engineer) Sports and Science (Frances Nic ReamoinnProf. de EF, IES La Senda) EVOLUCIÓN DE LA PALEONTOLOGÍA (Sara Villegas, Prof. de Historia IES La Senda) EVOLUCIÓN HUMANA YATAPUERCA (Ignacio de Gaspar, Profesor UCM, Facultad de Veterinaria)   It was a fantastic week overall. Congratulations and thank you to all involved.


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