Global Classrooms 2015

On the 21st of March 2015, 10 students in 3rd ESO participated in the Global Classrooms: Model United Nations event competing with 64 other schools in the Comunidad de Madrid.  Acting as delegations from Ireland, Slovenia, Algeria, Myanmar and Czech Republic, our students brilliantly represented their assigned nations to discuss global issues related to loan forgiveness and reform for developing nations.  They shared their countries positions and worked with other United Nations delegations to form resolutions that will serve the global community.  Congratulations to Alejandro Méndez, Alejandro Olmo, Iciar Prieto, Iva Yancheva, Laura Palacios, Marta Cantero, Pedro Urbina, Salvador Guerrero, Victor Morcuende, and Yael Rodríguez for representing I.E.S. La Senda with professionalism and grace.