International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is held on 8th March annually around the world to celebrate the social, political and economic achievements women have made throughout history. It is also a day to call for equal rights for everyone.

International Women’s Day was celebrated at IES La Senda last Friday. Staff and students dressed in purple to mark the ocasion. Different departments had been working on projects on the theme of Interanational Women’s Day and these were displayed along the school corridors. 4th ESO C and D researched Feminists throughout history and wrote about the differences they made. Students also looked at the inequalities that exist today such as the ‘pink tax’ and asked the question: Why are products marketed to women more expensive than the same product marketed to men?

There were oportunities for students to take selfies in front of a colourful photocall poster and also a large purple ribbon. This ribbon was made up of smaller ribbons which students had written messages a woman important in their lives. Students can send their selfies

Students and staff gathered at the end of school day in the beautiful spring sunshine and participated in a run/walk around Getafe. Well done to all involved!

More photos to follow soon…





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