Fantastic Friday for La Senda at Cross Escolar de Getafe

On Friday 23rd of January, almost 100 students from La Senda participated in the Cross Escolar de Getafe. Accompanied by the entire Physical Education Department of Javier, Elena and Frances, as well as our favourite language assistant Mike, all of our students were delighted the freezing cold weather conditions of the previous few days had been replaced by warm sunshine for our big day out.

The Day got off to a magnificent start for La Senda when Lidya Serrano (2 D) took the first win of the day for La Senda when she won  the Infantil Feminino Race. She was followed closely behind by Maria Picazo (1 B) in 2nd and Esther Arroyo (2 B) in 3rd. Unbelievably, all of the 3 individual medal positions went to IES La Senda. Fantastic running from the girls. Their performances were backed up by Laura Serrano in 5th, Carlota Gonzalez in 6th and Raquel Barrena in 8th completing La Senda´s first six placings resulting in the La Senda team also winning first place in the team competition. Great work girls!
Next onto the boys in the Infantil masculino category. Not to be outdone by the girls, the boys also ran their socks off (English expression). They were led home by Race Winner Ignacio Barco (2 A) in 1st and Adrian Galan (2 A) in 3rd, followed closely behind by Alejandro Galan in 4th, Daniel Cristobal  in 5th, Sergio Congosto in 10th and Daniel Perez in 12th and thus completing La Senda´s first six finishers….. And matching the girls, the boys also took the team trophy. Gold again for La Senda!!!
With no time to spare, it was the turn of the girls of the Cadete Feminino Category. Once again the La Senda students performed extremely well, and the La Senda girls were led home by Sofia Arin in 3rd position. She was followed closely by Clara Gallego in 6th, Eva Manteca in 7th, Selena Barrios in 9th, Carolina Gil in 15th and Paula de Miguel in 20th. These first six scores for La Senda won the overall team trophy. Three team wins out of three. The pressure was on for the Cadete Boys!
The Cadete Masculino Boys undaunted by the challenge of matching the school´s efforts earlier on in the day, performed extremely well. They were led home by Race Winner Ruben Roman (4 A) in 1st, followed closely by Hugo Duro (4 B) in 3rd. The other four scorers for the IES LA Senda team were Raul Sanchez in 5th, Jorge Garcia in 6th, Rodrigo Nieto in 10th and Mario Bustos in 12th. The boys were rewarded for the efforts with the winning Team trophy. Another Team Win for IES La Senda. Unbelievable!!!
Next up, Juvenil Feminino. The IES LA Senda Continued the Winning Streak, led home by Race Winner Maria Serrano in 1st. She was followed across the Finish Line by Belen Arroyo in 5th, Noelia Carmona in 6th, Desiree Sanchez in 8th, Esther Velasco in 28th and Katherine Alvarez in 31st. This La Senda Girls team finished second in the Team Competition. Well done girls.
And then it was time for the final race of the day. After waiting patiently as the other races went by,  one by one, it was finally the turn of the Juvenil Masculino Boys. Unfortunately, this was the only race in which IES LA Senda didn´t have any students in the individual medal positions, but the team were led home by Jorge Rodriguex in 4th position, followed closely by Jairo Carrillo in 5th, Gonzalo Peral in 11th, Ignacio Gordillo in 12th, Marcos Terroso in 25th and Eduardo Diaz in 26th. The team finished in a very respectable 2nd place. Well done boys!
Well done to all students who participated and a special thanks to the teachers who accompanied the students and prepared them for the races, to Mike for his assistance and to all those involved in organising the event.
A Great Day was had by all!
Bye for now,
P.S. Check out the full IES La Senda Results below and have a look at some of the photos from the day!
Infantil Feminino (Total 147 Competitors)
Position Name
1           Lidya Mohedano
2.          Maria Picazo
3.          Esther Arroyo
5.          Laura Serrano
6.          Carlota Gonzalez
8.          Raquel Barrena
10.        Clara Almarza
11.        Maria Palomar
21.         Lidia Arevalo
22.         Blanca Fernandez
24.         Laura Paredes
26.         Lorena Medina
27.         Lorena De Los Santos
28.          Valeria Almendros
40.          Leticia Ortiz
42.          Lucia Garcia
44.          Gema Sanchez
53.         Sonia Aguilar
54.         Estrella Castro
Infantil Masculino (Total 138 Competitors)
Position Name
1.            Ignacio Barco
3.             Adrian Galan
4.            Alejandro Galan
5.            Daniel Cristobal
10.           Sergio Congosto
12.           Daniel Perez
15.           Alejando Gonzalez
18.           Javier Rodriguez
25.           Diego Gonzalez
26.           David Martin
28.           Hector Lopez
33.           Cristobal Lopez
34.           Dario Aguado
38.           Daniel Armenteros
39.           Oliver Martin
42.           Mario Gonzalez
43.           Sergio Del Prado
45.           Sergio Reinares
48.           Guilermo Gomez
61.           Jaime Roman
Cadete Feminino (Total 90 Competitors)
Position  Name
3.            Sofia Arin
6.            Clara Galego
7.            Eva Manteca
9.            Selena Barrios
15.          Carolina Gil
20           Paula de Miguel
22.          Alejandra de Soto
24.          Ines Rodriguez
27.          Laura Palacios
33.          Claudia Navarro
37.          Danna Rios
66.          Iva Dicheva
Cadete Masculino (Total 126 Competitors)
Position  Name
1.           Ruben Roman
3.           Hugo Duro
5.           Raul Sanchez
6.           Jorge Garcia
10.         Rodrigo Nieto
12.         Mario Bustos
20.         Marcos Gonzalez
28.         Adrian Gomezç
33.        David Vela
35.        Lucas Garcia
37.        Johao Solis
38.        Diego Alonso
62.        Daniel Garcia
63.        Jorge Verona
79.        Victor Morcuende
84.        Miguel Manzano
85.        Yael Rodriguez
90.        Adrian Pantoja
92.        Salvador Guerrero
119.      Christian Estevez
Juvenil Feminino (Total 56 Competitors)
Position   Name
1.            Maria Serrano
5.            Belen Arroyo
6.            Noelia Carmona
8.           Desiree Sanchez
28.         Esther Velasco
31.         Katherine Alvarez
Juvenil Masculino (Total 76 Competitors)
Position  Name
4.          Jorge Rodriguez
5.          Jairo Carrillo
11.        Gonzalo Peral
12.        Ignacio Gordillo
25.        Marcos Terroso
26.        Eduardo Diaz
30.        Ernesto Herrera
33.        Alejandro Ferrando
35.        Angel Triguero
40.        Carlos Herrera
44.        Francisc Martinez
75.        Sergio Estepa


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