Science Fair 2015

1st and 2nd ESO students are busy preparing for this year’s Science Fair. Students are working individually, in pairs and in trios, meeting every week preparing their experiments. Students are using the scientific method which can be found below.

For students stuck for ideas or in search for resources for their Research Paper, check out the Google Science Fair’s website.

You’ll also find some handy tips on the website 

Remember to ask the teachers/ assistants if you have any questions or need some advice on your project.

Good Luck!


The Scientific Method


  1. Question

This is the problem you have decided to research. In this part you have to write one question.


  1. Hypothesis

What do you think will happen? What do you think will be the answer to your question? Write a few lines or one paragraph.


  1. Variable and Controls

When you have decided on an experiment, you need one variable. This is the thing you want to investigate about. For example, you want to know if a plant grows better with or without fertilizer.

Controls of an experiment are those which have to remain constant. In this example, it would be: the type of plant, the quality of water, the quantity of light, the temperature, the type of soil.

In this part, write down a few lines to let us know what your variable and controls are.


  1. Research Paper

This is the scientific background information about your project. Avoid writing your opinion. You can research on the internet, in books etc. but take care you use your own words. Don’t copy the sentences from other authors. Also, after each paragraph, write in brackets where the information comes from. I.e. The author’s name, the name of the book or internet page you have used. Please don’t use Wikipedia. Search in and use websites which end in ‘gov’ or ‘edu’.

You have to write 2 – 3 pages for the research paper. This will take the most amount of time of the project. Ask the assistants/teachers to check your writing for corrections.


  1. Materials

Write down the objects and living things you have used in your experiment.


  1. Procedure

Explain the steps of your experiment.


  1. Results

Here you need to make a table. Ask the assistants to help you decide what to put in the columns and rows.


  1. Conclusion

Don’t write more than 1 page about your conclusion of your project. Say whether your hypothesis was right or wrong and give an explanation why. Here you have to use the information from your research paper. Make your conclusion as scientific as possible.


  1. Bibliography

Make a list of all types of sources you’ve used.


When you’ve finished these parts, you have to make a cover page and a table of contents, as well as a display board to place the main information of your project. Please type your project using letter size 12 and double spacing.


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