Christmas 2014

Students and staff have settled back after the Christmas holidays, but let´s remember the fantastic activities that brought the first term to a close.

Christmas Market

 1st Bachillerato students organised a wonderful cake sale and  set up an arts and crafts stall selling their very own creations. The students were raising funds for two exchanges they´ll be participating in, in Vermont and Virginia Beach (USA).
There was also a solidarity market that was organized by students’ mothers and staff, Ana and Bea. The market was made up of bric-a-brac collected by the students. The funds raised from this market will be donated to charity. The market was a great success and well done to all involved!



The corridors and theatre were brightly covered with decorations made from recycled materials by 1st ESO students. The cover for the Christmas Carol program was designed by 3rd ESO student Elena Iglesias Aranda. Well done Elena!

Christmas Concert

1st ESO students and teachers worked very hard rehearsing for the Christmas Concert and their efforts paid off! Each 1st ESO group performed plays and sang Christmas songs in front of an audience of parents and staff. Laura Garcia de la Hera and Hector Lopez Sanchez from 1st E did a great job as M.C.s on the night. The teacher´s choir and the 3rd and 4th ESO´s choir also performed beautifully, led by music teacher Joaquin. The concerts were enjoyed by all and put everyone in a holiday spirit!

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