Science Fair 2014


Here is a timetable of all of the amazing activities that La Senda students and some local primary school students had the opportunity to participate in. It included display experiements from students in 4ESO, lectures from guests and teachers at La Senda, activities from the Maths department and presentations of the science projects that 1 and 2 ESO had spent almost 6 months preparing.





This year students in 1 and 2 ESO spent almost 6 months working on science projects in small groups to present at the science fair as part of a competition. They had to come up with innovative ideas, get hold of the necessary resources and then do the experiments to show their findings to their fellow classmates and the judges of the competition. There were prizes for the most effort given, the most creative project, the most scientific and finally the most original.

Click on the photo to see photos of all of the science projects that were entered:

Congratualtions to everybody who took part, it was difficult to make a choice but here is the final list of the winners:



Name of Award

Name of Project

      Name of Students

Most Effort ´Cristalización del Sulfato de Cobre´ Priscilla Lamiguero, Estrella Casto, Sonia Aguilar
Most Creative ´Which plant grows faster? ´ Sergio Reinares, Mario González
Most Scientific ´5 líquidos que no se mezclan´ Lucía Pardo, Patricia Jimeno, Sofía Rodríguez, Nuria Sánchez, Mario Palomar
Most Original ´Cloth´ Jorge Peral, Javi Benito



Name of Award

Name of Project

Name of Students

Most Effort ´Which type of ice cube will melt faster?´ Mario Bustos, Victor Morcuerde, Laura Palacios
Most Creative ´Psychological Variety´ Ana Tordesillas, Paula Astorga
Most Original ´Home-made Laser´ Sergio Perez, Salvador Guerrero


Special Mentions

Year Group

Name of Project

Name of Students

1ESO ´Feeding chicks´ Lydia Mohedano, Sofía Moreno
2ESO ´Meter un huevo dentro de una botella´ Mario Amez, Diego Redondo



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