Global Classrooms Final Conference


On February 26th and 27th, the ten Global Classrooms students from 3ºC and 3ºD took part in the Global Classrooms Conference in Madrid. Their excellent performance in the Preliminary Conference earned them a spot at the final conference along with twenty other bilingual secondary schools.

The students had about one month to prepare for the conference and they were given new countries-Malaysia, Morocco, Iran, Bolivia and the United States-and a new topic, access to medication. Students researched healthcare systems, diseases, discrimination and other obstacles in access to medication. They then had to write a position paper on the topic and prepare an opening speech for the conference.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony at the Asamblea de Madrid

On February 26th, the students went to the 2014 Global Classrooms Madrid Opening Ceremony at the Asamblea de Madrid where they were welcomed to the conference and congratulated on their previous success. They had the opportunity to listen to a former Global Classrooms participant´s experience in the 2013 International Global Classrooms Conference at the United Nations in New York City.

The next day,  February 27th, the students arrived at Las Acacias at 8:30AM to start the debates. It was a long day and everyone worked very hard but also had a lot of fun!

Johao and Patricia

Alicia and Alexander giving their opening speech

Marta and Alejandro

Marta and Alejandro



Alicia and María

Alicia and María during an unmoderated caucus

Patricia and Johao

Patricia and Johao giving their opening speech


Unmoderated caucus


Alejandro and Marta

Johao and Patricia

Johao and Patricia

Relaxing during a break

the U.S. Ambassador to Spain paid a visit

Ambassador Costos

Eva, Alicia, Clara and Alexander hard working on a resolution

Adding amendments to the resolution

End of the 2014 Madrid Global Classrooms Conference!

After the debates, we returned to the Asamblea de Madrid for the Award´s Ceremony. We had the opportunity to sit in the same seats as the delegates to the Asamblea.

At the Award´s Ceremony in the Asamblea de Madrid

At the Award´s Ceremony in the Asamblea de Madrid

Group picture in the Asamblea de Madrid

 Overall, the 2014 Global Classroom´s Conference in Madrid was a very challenging but rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Stay tuned for another post featuring some of the Global Classrooms students´position papers!

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