English Interview (Jara, Paula, José and Mary)


1. So everyone, if you were stuck on a desert island, what two things would you want to have with you?
Jara – a boat and drinking water
Mary – drinking water and a mobile phone
José – a mobile phone and electricity
Paula – drinking water and Mercadona!!

2. Wishful thinking guys!! Ok, next, if you were a cereal, what would you be?
Jara and José – Chocapics!
Mary and Paula – Miel Pops!

3. Ok great! So, who is your favourite celebrity?
Jara – Katy Perry
Mary – Mario Casas
José – Macklemore
Paula – Paco de Lucia

4. Aaaaaand finally, what is your favourite subject at school?
Jara – PE
Mary – Social Sciences
Paula and José – break time!

Er – I don’t think your teachers will be happy with this answer Paula and José…!!!

English Interview (Jara, Paula, José and Mary)

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