Global Classrooms “Mock Conference”

Global Classrooms Mock Conference

On January 9th,  eleven bilingual 3º ESO students attended a first-time Mock Global Classrooms (Model United Nations) Conference at I.E. S. León Felipe in Getafe. Students from I.E.S. León Felipe, I.E.S. Laguna de Joatzel and I.E.S. La Senda were present. 

Both bilingual sections of 3º ESO participated in Global Classrooms during the entire first semester and the first half of the second semester. According to the official Global Classroom´s website, “Global Classrooms is a program for middle school and high school students that helps them to develop critical thinking skills, writing skills, and public speaking skills by representing UN member states on various topics.” Throughout Global Classrooms, students learned how to debate and utilize U.N. parliamentary procedure,  how to research an assigned country and how to write a position paper on a specific topic. This year´s topic was International Migration and Development and the countries represented were: Austria, Qatar, Lesotho, Cape Verde and Niger.

After completing their position papers just before Christmas, ten students were chosen to represent La Senda in the Preliminary Madrid Conference in which  40 bilingual high schools were present. The students were chosen based on their class participation, public speaking skills, position papers, country research, marks, and overall interest in the program. We are very proud to have selected the following students as our Global Classrooms delegates:

  1. Marta Barrero (3ºD) -Lesotho
  2. Alicia Cascón (3ºC) – Cape Verde
  3. Clara Gallego (3ºC) -Qatar
  4. Alexander Lanza (3ºD) – Niger
  5. Alicia León (3ºD) -Niger
  6. Alejandro Martín (3ºD) -Lesotho
  7. Patricia Mohedano (3ºC) -Austria
  8. María Olmedo (3ºC) -Cape Verde
  9. Eva María Rey (3ºD) -Qatar
  10. Johao Alexander Solís (3ºD) -Austria


  1. Celía Rodríguez (3ºD) -Qatar

Before the official Madrid Conference on January 16th, students were given a unique opportunity: to attend a mock, or practice, conference with two other schools in Getafe. This conference was organized by Veronica, La Senda´s Fulbright Language Assistant for the 2013-2014 school year, and two other Fulbright Language Assistants in Getafe, Carolyn and Laura. The goal of the mock conference was for the students to review and synthesize everything they learned in Global Classrooms with students from  two other schools in order to feel prepared for the official conference.

The mock conference started with a review of key terms and concepts from Global Classrooms. The Fulbright Language Assistants guided the students through the debate procedure and answered any questions along the way. Towards the end, students learned new concepts, such as collaborating on resolutions with other countries and writing amendments.

Our delegates participated actively in the conference and, in the end, they felt ready for the official conference in Madrid on January 16th.

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