Science Fair Complete 2013!

On Tuesday, May 7th La Senda celebrated its 2nd Annual Science Fair! Over 50 groups presented their projects which consisted of an experiment that followed the Scientific Method. The Scientific Method consists of the following steps:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Conduct Research
  3. Pose a Hypothesis
  4. Collect Materials
  5. Write a Procedure
  6. Conduct the Experiment
  7. Write down the Results
  8. Come to a Conclusion

A successful project followed the Scientific Method and came to a conclusion about their original question. The project took over 3 months with each week dedicated to a step in the Scientific Method. Students first had to think of a question that they would like answered. Then they had to come up with a hypothesis as to what would happen in their experiment. They conducted background research on the topic which consisted of a 3 page research paper and then proceeded to conduct the experiment. The results from their experiment needed to be quanitifiable. From the results students were able to formulate a conclusion related to their hypothesis, saying whether or not their hyptothesis was correct. At the end of the project they needed to say why they had the results they did at the end of the experiment. This conclusion was the result of their background research.

Click here to see the winners of the science fair!




Click here to see the more information about the what happened during the week.

Click here to see more about the run up to the science fair.

We are very proud of all our participants! Thank you parents for your understanding and cooperation throughout this project!

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