What’s going on This Week!

Here’s an update as to what’s going on in our Bilingual Program:

1st of ESO students have started a new project in Technology. They are working on creating a ferris wheel (soria) out of wood. This project will utilize the theory they’ve been learning for the past few weeks about belt and pulley systems as the ferris wheel will be eventually connected to a motor which will turn the wheel! The students are in phase 1 of the project. They’ve just measured two circles to cut out the frame of the ferris wheel. They’ll begin work in the workshop next week.

2nd of ESO students in both Bilingual and Programa classes are hard at work preparing for the KET exam. The KET exam is an exam which measures their level of English as A2 and it has 4 components: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading Comprehension. Students have been working with assistants to prepare for the speaking portion of the exam and they’ve also done mock exams of the written portion in class.

2nd of ESO students and 3rd of ESO Programa students will soon be participating in the Spelling Bee which is to be held on EL DIA DEL LIBRO. We’re very excited about it! Students are to study the words at home and in class.

1st of ESO and 2nd of ESO Bilingual and Programa students are in the final phases of their Science Fair Projects! They’ve completed their experiments and are working hard to finish their research papers which will help them come to a conclusion as why the results they saw in their experiment turned out the way they did. Way to go students!

3rd of ESO has come back from Ireland and in Technology they’re learning how to move robots with software technology!

Some Bachillerato students and a few 2nd of ESO students who have already passed the PET test are working towards the First Certificate! Good Luck guys!

2nd of ESO Bilingual Students must pass the PET test this year. They are also preparing 4 sections of the test: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

As you can see we’re very busy! We can’t wait to show you pictures of all our projects!

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