La Senda´s First Annual Spelling Bee!

As Spring approaches, students begin to prepare for La Senda´s first ever Spelling Bee!

A Spelling Bee is a contest in which student takes turns spelling words in English out loud round after round until everyone is eliminated. The idea behind the Spelling Bee is to promote proper spelling and to reinforce vocabulary learned in the different subjects taught in English at La Senda. This year, 2º Programa, 2º Bilingual and 3º Programa will be participating in the Spelling Bee. There will be a winner from each grade.

Each class will first practice outside of class and then perform a preliminary Spelling Bee inside the classroom. The top 10 from each class will then compete for the title in front of the school!

Here are the PDF lists of words included in the Spelling Bee. Good Luck to all our spellers!

  1. 2nd of ESO Bilingual Spelling Bee List
  2. 3º ESO Programa Spelling Bee List
  3. spelling bee 2ºprograma


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