It´s Science Fair Time

We’re hard at work on our Science Experiments! Most of the classes have already come to a conclusion as to what question they want to answer and are hard at work on coming up with a hypothesis and a procedure which they will use to conduct their experiments. This year the programa students are joining us on our quest to further explore the uses of the Scientific Method. They will be conducting experiments as well and some already have! Check out the video from 1º Programa Students:

One of our 3rd of ESO students (who was last year in 2nd of ESO) did a great job on his report. We´ve attached it here for you to take a look at all that the Science Fair entails in terms of preparation and use of English over the course of these three months: Gonzalo´s Science Project

At the end of the three months in order to present their projects orally they are asked to make a display board out of cardboard and contruction paper. The cardboard is used as a stable surface on which they display their information. The materials they used, the problem that they proposed, their hypothesis, procedure, data and conclusion are all displayed so as to serve as a visual aid when they present their findings to the judges. It´s also a fun way to pull together all the elements of their written report. Here are some pictures of science experiments from last year!





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