Brainstorming for the Science Fair

It’s Science Fair Time!

Students of 2nd of ESO are hard at work again on the 2nd Annual Science Fair at La Senda. Last week they had to brainstorm experiment ideas making sure that their projects would have lots of controls and only one variable. Most did a great job coming up with ideas! These are a few of them:

  1. With which hairbrush do you get more hair from a cat?
  2. Which knife cuts faster different things?
  3. Which fruit rots first an apple or a banana?
  4. Which melts faster, ice or ice cream?
  5. Which burns faster, wool or cotton?
  6. Which ship travels better?
  7. Which dissolves faster in water, effervescent or a tablet?
  8. Which goes faster, a ball or a marble?
  9. How does a balloon inflate?
  10. Which seed grows faster?
  11. Which weights are easier to carry, 1 weight of 1 kg or 2 of .5 kg?
  12. Which falls down more quickly?
  13. Which breaks more quickly?
  14. Which batter runs out first?
  15. Which burns first?
  16. Which loses its color first?
  17. Which explodes first?
  18. How to do a lava lamp.
  19. Which substance takes white-out out of clothes the best?
  20. Two ropes, one plastic and the other of string, which falls first?
  21. 2 types of clothes, we put them in water and then we twist which one rings out more water?
  22. 1 t-shirt, we cut it into two pieces and we put one in alcohol and the other in hydrogen peroxide. Which one takes out the most color? (15-30 minutes)
  23. 2 eggs. One cooked and the other one raw. We throw them. Which one lands first and which one is destroyed more?

We’ll keep you updated on their progress!

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