Tangrams in Technology


In Technology in 1st of ESO students have been hard at work incorporating several skills into one project: the Tangram. The tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle made of 7 shapes. Students first had to measure each part of the tangram and then recreate it on a piece of wood. Each group of students cut the wood with a coping saw and sanded the edges to create smooth pieces. Next, students made a sort of box to place the pieces of the tangram in. In order to do so, students had to think about the width of the base needed to fit both the tangram and the frame of the box. At the end of the project students were able to play with the tangram creating various shapes with the ancient game.

To further their technology skills with this project each group of students were asked to create a PowerPoint presentation showing off what they’d learned while making the tangram. Most students chose to present each step of the project and some of the shapes they made.

At the end of the project students had worked on the following skills:

  1. Measuring
  2. Using non-machine tools in the workshop
  3. Teamwork in groups
  4. Mathematical guess and test to see if their tangram would fit
  5. PowerPoint applications in OpenOffice Impress
  6. Presentation Skills (speaking, addressing and audience, responding to questions)

As you can see the project was quite complete. At the end of the term students presented their presentation to the class and to their teacher. They were graded on their tangram, the presentation and in terms of Use of English through their presentation.

Here you can see some picture of the presentation in class:

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