Meet the New Assistants!

Today we wanted to interview our new assistants: Jamie Thierolf and Eileen Remley. They´ve been working with us since the 1st of October and they join an ever growing bilingual staff! First, let´s meet Jamie.

Megan: Jamie, first of all, how old are you and where are you from?
Jamie: I am 22 years old. I went to college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, so I lived there for four years. I lived in DeForest, Wisconsin for the first eleven years of my life and I lived in Lebanon, Pennsylvania for the next ten years of my life.

Megan: Can you talk to us a little bit about your family back in the U.S.?
Jamie: I am an only child, so I don’t have any brothers or sisters. My mother was a special education teacher, but now she is an administrator. My father is a pastor.

Megan: What are your hobbies, what do you like doing in your free time?
Jamie: I really enjoy reading. My favorite books are “East of Eden,” “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” and “The Girl wiith the Dragon Tattoo” series. I also love to swim. I swam on a swim team, taught swim lessons, and worked as a lifeguard in the United States.

Megan: What classes are you working with this fall?
Jamie: I’m working with Social Science, English, Art, and P.E. classes. I am in 1°C, 1°D, 2°B, 2°C, 2°D, 3°C, and 3°D.

Megan: How do you like Madrid so far?
Jamie: I really like Madrid. There is so much to do and public transportation, like the metro and cercanias, make it so easy to travel around the city. I especially love the museums, like El Prado and the Reina Sofia.

Megan: Is there anything you especially miss from the U.S. that you can´t find in Spain?
Jamie: I’m still searching for peanut butter! I love eating peanut butter toast in the mornings.

Megan: Name some things that you´ve found different between Spanish schools and American schools.
Jamie: In the United States, the teachers stay in the same room for the whole day, and the students move to different classrooms. Students also eat lunch in the middle of the school day, rather than go home to eat.

Megan: Are you working on any special projects this year with the students? If so, what do they involve?
Jamie: I’m working on the Global Classrooms program with 3°C and 3°D in social science and English classes. In Global Classrooms, the students are paired up and assigned to a country. They spend time researching specific topics. In February, some of the students will attend a conference in Madrid. They will debate other students who represent other countries. The program is designed to model the United Nations. I’m very excited to continue teaching this class throughout the year!

Megan: Here we have Eileen, another American this year working with us. Eileen, can you tell us a little bit about where you are from, how old you are and what you like doing for fun?
Eileen: Hello! I am from Concordia, Kansas, but have attended the University of Kansas in Lawrence for the past four years. I am 23 years old and I love adventure! I enjoy playing and watching sports, hanging out with friends, and traveling! I love to visit museums and try new things!

Megan: Eileen, what do you like most about Spain?
Eileen: I haven’t had time to experience much of Spain outside of Madrid yet, but I love living here. I live near Parque Retiro and its an amazing park! I think the city of Madrid is beautiful and I love that there is always something more to explore or new to experience!

Megan: What´s the best thing about working in La Senda?
Eileen: The students and the faculty. Everyone at La Senda is welcoming and warm. I love interacting with all of the students and being in the different classes with them. It’s also fun to get to know the other teachers!

Megan: What differences do you see between La Senda and your old high school back home?
Eileen: There are several differences between my high school back home and La Senda. The structure of changing classes and after school activities is very different. We always changed classrooms and had lockers in the hallways. Additionally I always played on my high school sports teams and we traveled and played other schools during the week.

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