Welcome Back to School! News about Technology Courses!

Welcome Back to School!

Here at La Senda High School we´ve been very busy. This year we´ve welcomed a new grade into the Sección Bilingüe, 3rd grade ESO. We´re proud to offer Social Sciences, Natural Science, Technology, Art and Physical Education all in English to our bilingual section.

We hope you find this blog useful and informative this year. We will keep you updated on what is going on in the classroom. Today we´ve got an update on what our students are doing in Technology class.

Technology is using Plataformaevelen this year with an electronic book. Students have their own username and password for entering into the platform. From the platform students can upload their work, send messages to the teacher and download the homework for the day. To see the website, click here. http://www.plataformaeleven.com/

Both 1st and 3rd grade have been studying perpective as an introduction to computer aided drafting. Students have been creating 3-D objects with varying degrees of difficulty. Jaime and Alvarco from 3C were kind enough to lend their work to this blog. Quite accomplished young architects dont´you think?

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