Science Fair 2012

Yesterday our bilingual students participated in a Science Fair Competition. The students had been learning in their science courses about the Scientific Method and then they applied this knowledge to conduct their own scientific experiment. The steps of the scientific method are as follows: 1) Formulate a question (propose a problem) 2) Make a hypothesis (predict the answer to the question/problem) 3) Test (do experiments to test your hypothesis) 4) Analysis (analyze the data from the experiments) 5) Make a conclusion (verify whether your hypothesis was correct or incorrect).

Science Fairs are a typical event in the United States. Almost every primary school holds a science competition to ignite their young scientific minds. Our Science Fair at IES La Senda was a great success and many of the students demonstrated their innovative and inventive capabilities.

We´d like to Congratulate Everyone for their hard work, especially our winners!

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