2° Bachillerato Theatre Project

Our Bachillerato students were a little too old when the bilingual project in Spain began, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do activities in the classroom to expand their knowledge and speaking ability of English. IES La Senda has a special course for students that are motivated and interested in improving their English skill set which is called English Expansion (Ampliación de inglés). This is a course designed purely for the enhancement of English speaking ability rather than focusing on grammar. The students are challenged by learning to communicate in real life situations such as reserving hotels and transportation for a trip, doing a job interview, and agree/disagree debate activities.

A focal project the students worked on this year was the reenactment of an episode of an American television series called “The Big Bang Theory” as well as a British comedy called “Monty Python”. The students prepared the project by first watching the original versions of the different productions and studying the scripts. They had to memorize their lines and imitate the character from the show they were assigned to represent. The project was very beneficial for the students in that they learned some colloquial phrases and culture from both Britain and the United States.

The professors who helped with this project are very proud of what the students accomplished with this theatre project and for that reason we are happy to share with you some of the video and pictures from the day the project was performed. Congrats to the students of 2° Bachillerato Ampliación de Inglés!

Monty Python – Dirty Fork Video

Big Bang Theory – Leonard’s Apartment

Big Bang Theory – Priya’s Apartment 1

Big Bang Theory – Priya’s Apartment 2

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