Share Your View (Comparte tu Mirada)

On Friday, April 17th, four students from 4° ESO traveled to Madrid for the opening of a special photo exhibition.  These students, along with their classmates, were participants in a volunteer project sponsored by the Comunidad de Madrid.  This project, called Comparte tu Mirada, involved ten high schools selected by the Comunidad and encouraged participating students to confront social problems in their communities.  Documenting their exploits with photographs, La Senda’s students set out to address the issues of hunger and treatment of the elderly.  First, they collected food donations for the local Red Cross before Christmas.  Next, they visited and interacted with older members of their neighborhoods in different circumstances: a tour of Getafe’s historical sites, a dance class for retirees, and a home for the elderly.

The photo exhibition, which took place in the Nuevos Ministerios metro stop, displayed one photo from each of the ten participating schools.  The first link below shows the final photos used in the exhibit (La Senda’s is number 11); the second link shows a video of the opening event, the highlight of which was a visit and speech by the United States Ambassador to Spain, Alan D. Solomont.

1)  Exhibition Photos

2)  Event Video

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