Last Week of School!

This year has been a lot of fun! For the last week of school the English department has organized cultural activities and games for the 1° and 2° ESO students who have passed! There was a scavenger hunt, dancing, trivia, and we even made pancakes in some of the classes! Thanks to all the teachers and Language Assistants who made these activities a possibility!
Have a great summer and we’ll see you in September!

Madrid Debate Tournament 2019

This year La Senda presented two debate teams from the 4°ESO classes and they both made it to the round of 16!!! Everyone at school is very impressed and proud of the students performance and hard work they put into preparing for the tournament! Special thanks to English Teacher Mar and the Language Assistant Ellen for helping the students through the difficult and challenging Debate preparation and tournament! And also to the parents who came and supported their sons and daughters throughout the tournament!


Team 1: Roberto, Leonor, Mario, & Paula

Team 2: Alba, Jorge, Lucía, & Adrián

The Renaissance

The students in 3°D have worked really hard on their Renaissance presentations. They invited students from 1°ESO to come in and watch their presentations. The students from 1°ESO had to answer questions and interact with the older students. It was enjoyable for everyone and the students had a great time interacting with each other! In some cases there were also sweets for correct answers or typical food from the time period!

USA Exchange

This year we are lucky to participate in 2 exchanges with the USA. One school is from Virginia Beach and the other one comes from Vermont. La Senda students and staff hosted the visiting students and teachers and showed them around the Spanish capital and surrounding areas.





Spelling Bee 2019

As with tradition, La Senda has once again held a spelling bee for 2ºESO. This type of competition is very common in the USA. The students must successfully spell words in English. The winners of this year´s bee are Hugo Coto (2ºC) and Carolina Zaragoza (2ºA)

Science Fair Winners 2019

We are happy to announce all the winners of the science fair! Have a look at the certificate and the names and all the winners below (in no particular order)!


1°AB: Daniela Mañas, Ángela Mañas, Erika Solorzano, Diego del Castillo, Aratxa Manzano

1°A y B: Luna Fernández, Diego Molinero, Álvaro González, Jorge Ruiz, Gonzalo Velasco, Jairo Jeremys Arce, Eduar Óscar Alfred, Mateo Morales, Carlos Sánchez, Alejandro Azcutia

1°C: Jimena Fernández, Mario Rodríguez, Daniel Cuadrado, Sofia Gallego, Itxel Samper, Gema López

1°D: Carolina Blanco, Ariadna Almendros, Luna Moreno, Joaquin Sanjuán, Jorge Congosto, Mario Luque

2°AB: Pablo Gonzálzez, Alejandro Carretero, Julia Luque, Emma Madruga, Sofía Robles, Sofía Jiménez

2°A: Alexander Mejía, Marcos González, Carlota Herzog, Sergio Sánchez

2°B: Carolina Zaragoza, David López, Gema Braojos, Andrea de Diego, María Abad, María Casas

2°C: Rubén Ruiz, Paula Ortega, Jesús Miguel, Laura Benito, Alba Fernández, Vera Pérez

2°D: Laura Font, Marina Rodríguez, Diego Gómez, Erick Vieto, Pablo Barcenilla, Mario Carrera

1°Bachillerato: Clara Almarza

Ireland 2019

As per tradition the 3°ESO students have once again traveled to Dublin, Ireland for a week long trip. This year there were 93 students who traveled north to explore the Irish capital. Activities included Irish dancing, Glendalough, a trip to the Howth peninsula, a walking tour of the city center, Dublnia and Christchurch, and a trip to Dalky castle. Thanks to all the accompanying teachers who made made the trip with the students! It was another successful and memorable trip for everyone involved!


IE Debate Tournament

Students from 1°Bachillerato have participated in an intense, all-weekend debate and public speaking tournament hosted by IE University. The tournament took place at the IE University campus in both Madrid and Segovia. All of them have worked very hard and were very impressive! We are proud of all of you and your hard work and dedication!



Woman’s Day 2019

IES La Senda is proud to have celebrated Woman’s Day once again! The students participated by doing projects on women throughout history or who have been important/influential in their lives. The entire school, students and staff, also participated in the walk around the neighborhood in support of women everywhere!



A Study in Symmetry

The 1°ESO students have been looking at symmetry in their art classes. They have shown what they know about the subject while showing off their artistic skills! Have a look at some of the final projects!


Once again La Senda is celebrating the annual Science Fair!!!

The students in 1ºESO have done experiements based in Biology and 2ºESO based in Physics and Chemisty. All the studens have been participating in scientific presentations given by guest speakers. The students have also been working hard in their Technology and Physics and Chemistry classes preparting projects to show off during the Science Fair. Take a look at the Science Fair Program and at all the photos from the week!





Last month the 3ºESO sudents took part in the annual Global Classrooms competition (model UN). All of teh students have been working hard all year preparing the topics and positions based on the countries they were assigned. Thank you to all the students for all their hard work as well as the teachers and Abby the language assistant that was helping the students with the tournament this year. La Senda is very proud of all the participants!!


Sustainable Cities

The 3°ESO students have worked very hard to produce these incredible sustainable cities in their Social Studies classes! Take a look at the green cities and see if you can identify the environmentally friendly things they have added to make their city, and the world a healthier and cleaner place to live!

1°ESO Christmas Concert

Last month the students from 1°ESO participated in the annual La Senda Christmas concert! Special thanks to all the students, teachers, and language assistants for all their hard work to put it together!

Below is a link to the concert program!

concierto de navidad (1)


Separations Lab

The 3ºESO chemistry students have been working hard putting their knowledge to the test in the laboratory! In this practice the students had to separate a mixture of iron filings, sand, and Copper (II) Sulfate (CuSO4) using the separation methods they learned in class.

Take a look at the photos to see what was done in the lab!!!

Halloween Awards

Congrats to all the participants and winners from the Halloween cake decorating and pumpking carving contests! All the participants recieved a free sandwich from the cafeteria and the winners recieved something extra as well! Thank you all for your hard work and participation!




Halloween 2018

Last week it was Halloween and La Senda celebrated the only way we know how, with pumpkins, cakes, and a haunted house! There was a cake decorating and a jack-o-lantern contest. The 1°ESO classes also dressed up in their scariest costumes and took part in the haunted house! 6th graders from CEIP Manuel Nuñez, CEIP Tierno Galván, and CEIP Rosalía de Castro came and were terrified in the haunted house and learned a lot in the PowerPoint presentation! Great work and thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the winners below!

Cake Winners

Best Presentation: (cake #3)Sandra Anguas, Carolina Blanco, Luna Moreno and Adriana Almendros (1°D)

Monstrous Couple: (cake #4) Celia Braujas and Andrea de Diego (2°D) and (cake #5) Sara Hernando (2°C) Laura Ribagorda (2°A) and Sandra Amador (2°A)

Most Disgusting: (cake #1) Jorge Congosto (1°D)

Tastiest: (cake #9) Jesús Redondo (1°B) and (cake #12) Erika Nayeli (1°D)

Most Original: (cake #8) Luana Poliseli (1°A)

Creepiest: (cake #11) Pablo González (1°A)

Jack-O-Lantern Winners

1st – Verónica Rodriguez (1°C)

2nd – Laura Mateo (1°A)

3rd – Jorge Congosto (1°D)

Virginia Beach Exchange 2018

This year the exchange with Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach, VA was a little bit different from the previous years thanks to Hurricane Florence! Through it all and the threat of a natural disaster the students still had an amazing time even though all the extracurricular activities and the school ended up being cancelled. It was an amazing experience and the students have made visited a new country, explored NYC, lived with American families, survived a hurricane and have made connections for life!

Thank you Tallwood friends!


Madrid Debate Tournament 2018

This year 90 public and private schools participated in the Madrid Schools Debating Tournament, and we are proud to announce that both teams from La Senda placed in the top 8!!!  The students from 4°ESO were accompanied by their English teacher Mar Vázquez. Both teams were undefeated as they won all of their debates and classified for the final phase making it to the quarter finals. The debates took place this past Saturday at Universidad Pontificia. Both debate teams did an outstanding job, worked extremely hard to prepare for them and we here at La Senda are all proud of you!  Great job guys!
Team 1:  Leticia Ortiz, Javier Barrera, Héctor López and Carlota González

Team 2: Natalia Gutiérrez, Laura García, Álvaro de las Heras and Jesús Fernando Bravo



American Exchange Students at La Senda!

La Senda once again had the pleasure of hosting some American exchange students for over a week! The students are from Virginia Beach, USA and had a fantastic time exploring Spain and its culture. Our students will fulfill their part of the exchange in September when they travel across the Atlantic to visit their American counterparts and experience a day in American high school as well as many other activities!! The students toured the center of Madrid visiting all the main sites and a handful of art museums, they also went to Toledo and ventured to the hometown of Miguel de Cervantes, Alcalá de Henares! A special thanks to all the students, parents and families who make this exchange possible, and a special shout out to Ms. Sánchez for making it all possible!



Spelling Bee 2018

The 2ºESO have once again participated in the Annual La Senda Spelling Bee. This year’s event was hosted by Language Assistants Andy and Andrew. Congrats to all the participants, and all the students in 2ºESO for their hard work!

2018 Winners

  1. Elena Sánchez  (2ºE)
  2. Lucía Poza  (2ºC)
  3. Álvaro Peral  (2ºE)
  4. Lucía Fernández (2ºB) (Programa Champion!)

3ºESO Chemical Reactions Lab

The 3ºESO students have been studying chemical reactions in Chemistry class. They were given the opportunity to see some of the reactions in practice in the lab! They also experimented with acids and bases. Take a look at the photos and videos!

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The 4°ESO students have been studying modern European history all year and took a trip to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum to look at some art from the 20th Century. Some of the styles they have been studying in class include, Dada, Surrealism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Expressionism, as well as a few others.



Dublin 2018

La Senda keeps its yearly tradition and has once again taken the 3ºESO students to Dublin for a week long journey in English. The trip was a success and everyone had a blast!


2nd Cánovas School Debate Tournament

Some of our 4ºESO students were selected to take part in the 2nd Cánovas School Debate Tournament held in  Mollina, Málaga on the 6th & 7th of April. They all, (Leticia Ortiz, Laura García de Heras, Héctor López and Jesús Bravo) did an outstanding job. Even, Leticia Ortiz, in charge of the introduction, was mentioned as one of the best in this position! And a special thanks to English Teacher Mar Vazquez for chaperoning the trip!


VII Science Fair

La Senda is happy to announce that we are in the middle of the annual science fair! The students have worked really hard all year and have produced some impressive projects and posters! There are also very interesting presentations and chats happening all week as well as other science related activities. Below you can find  link to the schedule.

Parents and family members are welcome to visit the Science Fair on Thursday 12th of April, 2018 from 15.30 – 17.00.

Check back soon for photos of the projects and activities!




St. Patrick´s Day

Yesterday the 2ºESO students celebrated St. Patrick´s Day following  La Senda tradition! Students participated in Simon Says, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, learned the history behind the holiday, and had to eat rosquillas without using their hands! It was a great time!


Environmental Awareness Project

In this assignment the students of 1° bachillerato were asked to create a video, not only to display their creative and artistic talents but to also get them to start thinking about the problems affecting the environment. This assignment also showed them how important the skill of marketing is as they needed to gather ‘likes’ for their videos which, after a certain amount, would serve to boost their grades.

Please take a look at the final projects!

Global Warming Commercial 

Comercial Definitivo


Save Giraffes

Global Warming

Global Classrooms

The 3ºESO students competed in the Global Classrooms competition last month! We are so proud of each and everyone one of the students who participated! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!



Back in December the students from 1ºESO went on a trip to Arqueopinto to learn about how people lived during prehistoric times! Each class created their own cave painting using the same techniques as the prehistoric humans! They also had the opportunity to create their own masterpiece!


Christmas Concert

Back in December, all the 1ºESO classes performed a song and/or sketch in the annual La Senda Christmas Concert. All the groups were amazing as well as the  students who performed individually! Congrats to all the performers, and all the English teachers for their hard work and organization of the event!

Luperca Art Project

After learning about the mythical foundings of Rome in History class,  1ºESO students have made some very creative recreations of the famous statue of Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf. They were allowed to use anything they wanted to recreate this iconic statue. There was clay, water bottles, paper, paint and many other things involved in the creation of these works of art!




Medieval Shields

The 2ºESO students have made some beautiful medieval shields in history class! We have some very creative students here at La Senda!!



Halloween at La Senda!

Back in October the 1ºESO students put on a Haunted House which included vampires, mummies, psychopaths, werewolves, some mad scientists and many other creepy characters! We invited teh 6th graders from CEIP Núñez de Arenas, CEIP Tierno Galván, and CEIP Rosalía de Castro to come get scared!

Our students also participated in a pumpkin carving contest, as well as a cake decorating contest! All of the entries were quite impressive!